Submission Guidelines

The submissions portal is currently CLOSED. Check back later for updates.

Please read the below guidelines and make sure the piece you are submitting meets ALL the following criteria.

SubverCity Transmit seeks stories about the otherworldly, stories about the subversive, the outcast, the miscast. We are a speculative fiction podcast seeking work mainly in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, though the station recognizes that genres are a mere illusion. Send us your weird tales, your riot words. We especially like stories featuring LGBTQA characters, and/or those where gender and sexuality are fluid. Exceptionally written stories are always the exception, but we are most interested in stories that adhere to the following guidelines.

Short story

We prefer something that would range from 10 – 15 minutes when read aloud (about 1,000 to 3,000 words).

*Shorter stories, poetry and prose may be considered for anthology episodes

*Longer stories may be considered for two part episodes (max 6,000 words).

Speculative fiction

This includes horror, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal stories, etc. in a setting that is not this exact universe in this exact time. Exceptions include subcultures that fit within the rest of the speculative fiction umbrella, alternate history and parallel universes. *Please see our transmission statement and consider, “Would someone travel to your story’s universe via the SubverCity station?”

Non heterosexual or non cisgender main or secondary character

This includes characters that identify as GLBT, androgynous (specifically androgynous, not simply ambiguous narrator), gender switchers, multi gendered, non gendered,  asexual, aromantic, etc.

Readability (Audilegibility… we might be inventing this word)

By this we mean words and phrases that make sense when read aloud (not just visually), stories that are not overly dialogue heavy, stories that are not heavy on non-English words (unless pronunciation guides are provided). [We can only accept English stories at this time due to our linguistic limitations.]

Entertainment value/Plot

Does something happen in your story? We prefer stories with some forward momentum rather than slice-of-life vignettes, character studies, or poetic observations.

Please send submissions to Submissions AT, and include your story as an attachment. Preferred file formats are .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Email subject should be “SubverCity Transmit Fiction submission: Story Title”. Please include the word count in your cover letter, and genre if applicable.

We accept reprints. If the work has appeared in either print or electronic format it’s a-ok with us, just no stories that have been previously published anywhere in audio format. Simultaneous submissions are allowed but please inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Over and out,

The SubverCity Transmit team