SubverCity Transmission Statement

Three hundred and twenty feet below the city, untaxed and to the left lies an abandoned subway station where only freaks, geeks, and other misfits travel by all means of transportation, passing through on their way to parts unknown where they must work, eat, sleep and love with the 9-to-5ers from mainstream society. This is SubverCity Transmit, announcing the arrivals and ¬†departures of what are spectacles to the commonfolk, but just your average transient residents to SubverCity—men as tall as skyscrapers who are invisible to the human eye, he who drinks from and drowns in the fountain of eternal youth, she who loves her in dark alleyways, he¬†who become she with the click of a button, an array of beings in a variety of colours, genders, life crises, and positions. Follow us down to Platform 23, and see if the light at the end of the tunnel is really just a train speeding down the tracks.