TX001 – Ichiban Marie Clairevoyant’s Soulkiller School

SubverCity Transmit is proud to present the initial transmission of the SubverCity Transmit Podcast, “TX001 – Ichiban Marie Clairevoyant’s Soulkiller School”.

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AM Onymous introduces herself and the SubverCity Station before diving into the world of Subterran via ‘Ichiban Marie Clairevoyant’s Soulkiller School’ by Corin Reyburn.

A transcript of the episode (minus the story content, which belongs to the respective author) can be read HERE on Wattpad.

‘Ichiban Marie Clairevoyant’s Soulkiller School’ was previously published in the October 2012 issue of Subtopian Magazine. More of Corin’s work can be found at infrastratos.com.

The voice of AM Onymous is Erin Lillis. Other featured voices in this episode include Kristin Roybal, Jose Perez, Casey Peters and Tom R. Wilson. Tom’s other work can be found via SoundCloud at: soundcloud.com/levenstein

SubverCity Transmit is a Krockett and Greyvyn Production.

Safe Travels,
The SubverCity Transmit Team

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