TX004 – The End of Summer

This episode’s story, “The End of the Summer” was written by M. Elizabeth Castle.

Listen Now:

This is A.M. checking in again with an addendum piece to our summer romance episode [TX004 – The End of the Summer]. There were thoughts I had to get down on paper and things I needed to hear myself say. Because you are as much a part of my life as this woman was, I wanted to share this piece of my past with you. Maybe it will help some of you as the writing and voicing of these memories helped me.

A transcript of the episode (minus the story content, which belongs to the respective author) can be read HERE on Wattpad.

The addendum’s transcript can be read HERE.

The voice of AM Onymous is Erin B. Lillis. Other featured voices in this episode include Kristin Roybal, Brook Ellen West and our intro was read by WelshWonder from Fiverr.com.

This episode was written by Erin B. Lillis. SubverCity Transmit is a Krockett and Greyvyn production.

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