TX009 – Untamed

A.M. is still lost somewhere in the AdverCity but she’s hacked the system in order to deliver a spooky spec fic in time for Halloween.

This episode’s story, “Untamed,” was written by S.H. Cooper – a Florida based author with a penchant for horror. She has penned short story collections, co-wrote the podcast, Calling Darkness, and is a regular contributor to the award winning anthology series, The NoSleep Podcast. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband, pets, and a cup of Earl Grey.

For more information on Cooper’s latest projects you can check her out on Twitter @MsPippinacious and her website www.authorshcooper.com

 The voice of A.M. Onymous is Erin B. Lillis

Credits were read by Mary Buelow.

Music by Sequel Police / Reminiscor / -1419 from Fugue

Sound effects sourced from Freesound.org

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