TX010 – Garden

We check back in with the rest of the SubverCitizens in the wake of A.M’s disappearance! What will they do without their dearest of cheerleaders?!

This episode’s story, “Garden” was written by Damien Krsteski. Damien writes science fiction and develops software. His stories have appeared in New Myths, Metaphorosis Magazine, Plasma Frequency, Flapperhouse, Kzine, The Future Fire, Devilfish Review, Mad Scientist Journal, Bastion, and others. You can follow his updates at monochromewish.blogspot.com and @monochromewish.

The music during the performance of Garden is by dark ambient artist Nanohex. To stream the full album “Garden” please visit https://youtu.be/JMvbPT-lbfs.

This episode was written by Erin B. Lillis and Corin Reyburn. The featured voices include:

Our new theme song is by Glomag and more music by him can be found here:

Sound effects sourced from Freesound.org

To contact us or submit stories, please visit our website at SubverCityTransmit.com.   SubverCity Transmit is a Krockett and Greyvn production.

Thank you for listening!

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